Employ international students?

International students face new post-study work rules from November this year.

For employers it means they may be able to hold on to post-graduate talent a bit longer. But at the same time the opportunity for employers to assist post-grads has been removed.

The Government says the changes will:

  • Match students with in-demand skills for NZ’s economic growth

  • Incentivise study in the regions (read outside Auckland)

  • Help reduce student exploitation

Just what does it all mean?

Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway says it means the Government listened to more than 2000 submissions on post-study work visas.

He says the changes will preserve a pathway to residence for people with the skills and qualifications New Zealand needs. They also provide time-limited incentives for students to study and work in the regions.

Employers need to be well informed or seek professional advice when interviewing or consider employing an international student.

Remember if you Google looking for information about employing a post-grad international student you may get out of date information. We will keep you updated through our e-news and our website, or check with us here.

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