Tips for employers

  • Keep employee records tight – best practice is to keep a copy of passport and/or visa on personnel files. Employers are obliged to make sure a person has the right to work in New Zealand, even if they are a kiwi!

  • Have a follow up system in place when an employee holds a work visa because the visa has an expiry date. Apply too late for renewal and the employee may have to stop work.

  • When an employee changes positions, employer or city of employment, then a new work visa is usually required – take advice.

  • Watch out for expiry dates of work visas. In many cases jobs need to be re-advertised before applying for another work visa. Avoid last minute drama.

  • Remember wage rates for some migrant workers changed from last November plus the minimum wage changed 1 April. Are you up-to-speed? A major NZ employer has just had to make a large back-pay to its workers.

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