Skills shortage bite

Unemployment is at its lowest level since December 2008 and you’re finding it hard to get skilled workers. A promising overseas migrant shows up in your CV pile. They can get on board quickly – if they can get a work visa.

The problem is the Government has signalled it will toughen the labour-market test.

There are solutions. First, employers who regularly recruit skilled overseas staff can apply to become accredited - allowing them to employ migrants on talent visas. To do this they must meet criteria around their financial position, workplace practises, and have demonstrated a commitment to training and employing New Zealanders.

Companies in sectors like construction, IT, manufacturing are already doing this. We can help you with the accreditation process – and any hiccups that might happen along the way despite you gaining that status.

Second, our advice – whatever you do, don’t go it alone. One mistake can lead to lots of heartbreak and time-consuming paperwork. We have had work visas approved in 24 hours in some cases. Ask us to help.

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