This article is about Immigration Policy but is not a description of policy.


Investor policies change from time to time. Presently there are two possible routes available.

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Investor Two (Governed by a "quota")

The applicant must: 

  • Be under 66 years of age.

  • Speak English to a basic standard.

  • Be of good health and character.

  • Prove 3 years of business experience.

  • Show net worth of NZ$3m or more (but read notes below)

  • Have NZ$3m to invest in NZ.

  • Prove investment $ lawfully earned.

  • Hold Investment in NZ for 4 years.


On success, must spend at least 146 days in NZ in each of years 2, 3 & 4 of the investment period or in certain cases spread 438 days over the entire 4 year investment term. Application is a two step process. A preliminary "Expression of Interest" (EOI) by the applicant is followed by an "Invitation to Apply" (ITA) from Immigration New Zealand.


Note 1.

$3 million is a minimum. Whether the "Expression of Interest" (EOI) leads to an "Invitation to Apply" (ITA) will depend on how many applicants, and at what investment level, are competing for a place in the limited "quota" at that time. 


Note 2.

Be careful of advisers or lawyers that tell you about the $3 million but fail to advise you on how much is really needed in order to guarantee success (depending on the quota from time to time).



Investor Plus.


The applicant must:


  • Have $10 million to invest in NZ.

  • Prove investment $ lawfully earned.

  • Be of good health and character.

  • Hold investment in NZ for 3 years.


On success, must spend at least 44 days in New Zealand in years 2 & 3 of the investment period or in certain cases spread 88 days over the entire 3 year investment term.

Acceptable immigration investments.


There are a wide range of options available in the New Zealand economy to meet the specific investment obligations of the Investor Visa.


Your New Zealand investment must:


  • Be capable of a commercial return (under normal circumstances).

  • Not for your personal use*.

  • Invested in New Zealand in New Zealand dollars.

  • Invested in lawful enterprises or managed funds that comply with all relevant New Zealand laws.

  • Has potential to contribute to the New Zealand economy.


Funds may be invested in one or more of the following:


  • Bonds issued by the New Zealand government or local authorities (city councils); or

  • Bonds issued by New Zealand firms traded on the New Zealand Debt Securities Market (NZDX); or

  • Bonds issued by New Zealand firms with at least a BBB- or equivalent rating from internationally recognised credit rating agencies (such as Standard and Poor’s for example); or

  • Bonds issued by registered New Zealand banks; or

  • Equities in registered New Zealand banks; or

  • Bonds in finance companies**; or

  • Equity in New Zealand firms (public or private including managed funds and venture capital); or

  • Residential property development**; or

  • Commercial property**; or

  • Eligible New Zealand venture capital funds; or

  • Philanthropic investment**; or

  • “Angel funds or networks” investments.   


* Personal use includes investments in personal residence, car, boat etc.


** Special conditions apply. Take advice.



Simple overview.


The intention is clear: persons of good health and character who are prepared to invest in NZ are to be encouraged. The normal obligation to reside in New Zealand for at least 184 days in each of 2 consecutive years in order to achieve Permanent Resident status is relaxed as are English language requirements. In the case of Investor Plus there is no English requirement at all.



Not quite that simple.

The New Zealand Government will want to know that you made your money legally, that it is fully tax-paid and that you brought it into New Zealand through the official banking system. There will also be a few simple limitations on how you can invest it.

The purpose of these restrictions is to ensure that New Zealand Immigration policy is not associated with money laundering or tax evasion. Despite the apparent simplicity of that objective, you will need skilled help to make the procedures user-friendly. 



Investor policies have a very high failure rate.


This high failure rate is despite many applicants having the assistance of licensed advisers or lawyers.


Failure usually relates to an inability to prove claims made in the Expression of Interest or residence application, particularly proof that the funds being offered for investment in New Zealand were lawfully earned (including tax paid) in the first place.


These failed applicants are not all bad people! The problem is with advisers and lawyers who impress their clients and gain their trust but do not have the skills to understand or manage this very specialized area of policy.


Malcolm Pacific Immigration has one of the most skilled Investor Visa teams in the business. Our Investor Visa team regularly travels overseas with major New Zealand banks, investment advisers, tax experts and New Zealand Government officials to meet with and advise high net worth individuals planning on moving to New Zealand.

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