New Zealand Immigration and Investment seminars - March 2020

A rare opportunity to hear from experts about what New Zealand has to offer you.

New Zealand offers an exceptional lifestyle, stunning landscape and a strong economy led by a stable government. This sets New Zealand apart from the rest of the world that is facing political turbulence, uncertainty, threats to personal safety and overpopulation. There are plenty of opportunities in New Zealand to do business and invest in a country quite often referred to as “the Switzerland of the South Pacific”.  

A population of less than 5 million in a country similar in land size to the UK. New Zealanders enjoy wide open spaces and a sophisticated urban lifestyle.
New Zealand is a safe place to live and/or invest and ranks at the top of international lists for being the most peaceful and least corrupt country on the planet. Voted year after year the one place on earth people want to live or visit if they could.  

New Zealand welcomes overseas investment and has an investor visa pathway for anyone looking to secure residence (PR) in another country. PR provides future security in uncertain times. As a resident of New Zealand, you will enjoy an exceptional lifestyle, new opportunities, room to breathe and a country that welcomes newcomers.

The investor visa requires a minimum investment into New Zealand of NZ$3 million.

A team of New Zealand experts from premium firms will be in Asia presenting overviews of the New Zealand economy, investment & business opportunities, property (residential and commercial), tax and immigration. These seminars are very relevant if you are considering investing overseas, moving to a new country, educating your children overseas or want the security of holding PR.

Representatives from the New Zealand government will attend. 
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