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Seminars: Immigration changes.

(Tauranga, Wellington, and Queenstown).

As a result of Covid and the governments ‘immigration reset’ there has been an abundance of immigration changes introduced, making the visa process more “employer-driven”. Post Covid, immigration rules are continuing to change and settling in New Zealand are becoming more and more difficult.

Upcoming immigration changes which will be implemented in October and November 2023, will re-define who will be eligible to become residents in New Zealand and limit the length of time work visa holders can remain in the country.

Will you or your staff be affected?

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Employers - Immigration Experts will talk about recent immigration changes and what you can do to get your business ready. If you have visa holders working for you, it’s time to be thinking about how long visa holders will be able to remain in New Zealand, accreditation compliance risk and the new immigration environment.

Migrant workers - If you hold a work visa or are about to apply for one then you need advice on how these changes affect you (and your family). You might want to know about existing and new pathways to residence.

Lukas Sousa


Lukas Sousa a Licensed Immigration Adviser from Malcolm Pacific Immigration is hosting free seminars in Tauranga, Wellington, and Queenstown to provide updates on the changes and discuss its potential effects on both employers and migrant employees.

Who should attend?

  • Employers
  • HR personnel
  • Managers
  • Recruiters
  • Business advisers
  • Migrant employees